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OTT & CTV: Who Watches Streaming Video In Augusta?

Mar 19, 2021 2:45:37 PM / by Larry Julius

OTT and CTV advertising in Augusta, GAEach week, according to Nielsen, 68.4% of Central Savannah River Area consumers watch video programs that aren't delivered over-the-air by local TV stations.  They aren't coming from a local cable company or by satellite.  Instead, these programs are being streamed directly to viewers via an internet connection.

This type of streamed video content is called OTT (Over-The-Top-Television) or CTV (Connected-Television). These two terms are sometimes are often used interchangeably but do have a subtle difference.

OTT generally means the video is watched on a small device like a computer, tablet, or smartphone.  CTV, on the other hand, typically means the content is viewed on a smart-TV or a regular television using a streaming device like a Roku or Amazon stick.

In the Augusta, Georgia area, OTT/CTV has exceeded the weekly reach of local newspapers and streaming audio services such as Pandora and Spotify. The medium is rapidly approaching the reach of local cable and broadcast TV stations.

Advertising In Augusta GA OTT & CTV

Although OTT/CTV is used by adults of all ages, the audience reach tends to be greater among younger viewers.

OTT & CTV advertising in Augusta GA Age

Augusta consumers can choose to watch OTT/CTV content without advertising from services like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, or HBO Max. Because these networks provide commercial-free programming in exchange for a subscription fee, they are referred to as SVOD or Subscription-Video On-Demand.

Other networks offer its programming free (or at low-cost) to Augusta consumers. The trade-off, however, is the content contains advertising, similar to traditional cable and TV.  Because these channels make money from advertising revenue, they are referred to as AVOD (Advertiser-Supported-Video-On Demand). The most well known of these channels are NBC's Peacock, Hulu, Paramount+, Fubo, Vudu, and Crackle.New call-to-action

According to IAB, 45% of all consumers who watch OTT/CTV regularly are tuning-in to AVOD networks. This makes OTT/CTV a viable advertising medium for CSRA small business owners to market their goods and services.

Advertise In Augusta, GA: AVOD on OTT CTVThe Augusta area consumers who watch OTT/CTV content are remarkably diverse. This allows local business owners to easily target audiences who are most likely to become customers.

For instance, each week, according to Nielsen, OTT/CTV reaches well over two-thirds of adult consumers in Augusta who are African-American, White, or Hispanic.

Advertise In Augusta, GA OTT and CTV-EthnicityBecause many OTT/CTV networks require a financial commitment from CSRA viewers, the reach among consumers in higher-income households tends to be greater.

Advertising In Augusta, GA OTT & CTV Income

In the Augusta area, OTT/CTV reaches a large majority of all adult consumers who are employed. The audiences tend to favor, though, those who have white-collar jobs.

OTT & CTV advertising in Augusta, GA Employment Status

Finally, according to Nielsen, OTT/CTV is more likely to be consumed by adult consumers who have children under the age of 18 living at home.

Streaming Video Advertising in Augusta, GA: Reach Parents

Perhaps the greatest benefit of OTT/CTV to both Augusta consumers and advertisers is that the medium is portable. Unlike local TV and cable, streaming video services are available anywhere the consumer has an internet connection. In 2020, according to a survey by Leichtman Research, 55% of adults watched video content on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.  This up from 46% in 2019, and 33% in 2018.

Adding OTT/CTV advertising to a marketing campaign is not difficult.

Augusta small business owners and marketers can purchase OTT/CTV advertising through several local media companies, including Beasley Media Group. The cost to advertise is based on the number of advertising impressions utilized.

More Advertising Advice For Augusta Small Business Owners

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