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What CSRA Consumers Need To Know Now About Your Small Business

Aug 12, 2020 10:43:20 AM / by Larry Julius

There is good news for Central Savannah River Area retailers and restaurants.

As a result of the pandemic, one-third of consumers indicate they will pay a premium for local brands and products, according to a recent study by Ernst & Young

However, before consumers will buy from a local business in Augusta, Aiken, Evans, Martinez  or any town in-between, they must know they can do so without risking their health.

Advertising is the only practical way to let CSRA shoppers and diners know about the precautions and practices your small business has taken to reduce potential health threats.

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Coronavirus: Advertising In The CSRA For Small Business Survival

Mar 25, 2020 8:41:01 AM / by Larry Julius

Central Savannah River Area small business owners are fighting the coronavirus battles on multiple fronts.  Their first objective is to keep their families and employees safe. Then, of course, there are the concerns of keeping their businesses healthy enough to survive current disruptions.

The business literature has an abundance of case studies showing how survival is often connected to a thoughtful communications and marketing strategy during challenging times.  

Business owners need to let CSRA consumers know if they are still open. If their hours have changed. Or if they are providing alternative shopping methods (e.g., delivery, curbside pick-up).

Most importantly, it is imperative consumers know that a business will still be there for them when the crisis is over.

For those owners who are depending on communication to preserve their business, the best option may be to advertise on Augusta radio.

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Keeping Your CSRA Small Business Healthy During The Coronavirus Crisis

Mar 16, 2020 1:27:25 PM / by Larry Julius & Bob McCurdy

The top concern of every Central Savannah River Area small business owner is the health and safety of their families and employees.  Local information and breaking news regarding the Coronavirus is available by clicking here.

Of course, a secondary concern is tending to the health of their business amid an overabundance of social and financial disruptions. 

There is one prescription that helped many CSRA businesses survive the Great Depression of 1929, the economic crash of 2009, and every recession in between.  The Rx for keeping a business healthy during chaotic times is to continue advertising.

The best example of how advertising cand fend off tough times was shared by The New Yorker magazine financial columnist James Surowiecki.

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How Advertising On Augusta Radio Delivers For CSRA Pizza Restaurants

Sep 18, 2019 4:53:36 PM / by Larry Julius

"Advertising on Augusta radio has been great for us," says Eddie Jordan. He is the Managing Partner of ten Papa John's Pizza restaurants in the CSRA. "Customers tell me all the time that they hear our ads. When they think about pizza, they think about us."

Mr. Jordan began his career at Papa John's in 1994 as a delivery driver. He worked his way up to assistant manager, general manager, and area supervisor. After six years he bought in as an owner.

"When I started, we just had two stores in the area. We added a new location every year until we had six and then stopped for a while," says Mr. Jordan. "But, in 2007, we knew the population in the CSRA was going to grow like crazy, so we started building again. In 2017, we added our ninth and tenth locations. We now have restaurants in Aiken, Augusta, and North Augusta."

Mr. Jordan was right. Pizza has become big business in the CSRA.  Last week, according to Nielsen, more than 135,000 adults used a local pizza restaurant. This is almost one-third of the entire population.

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