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CSRA Radio Listeners Lead The Return To 'Normal'

Apr 28, 2022 1:48:57 PM / by Larry Julius

Each week according to Nielsen, 363,800 consumers tune in to an Augusta, Georiga radio station. This is significantly more adults than watch local TV stations, cable, or streaming video. It is more than browse social media. It is more than listen to streaming audio services or podcasts. It is more than read local newspapers.

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There are two traits Central Savannah River Area (CSRA) radio listeners have in common. First, they are very loyal to their favorites, tuning-in to, on average, only 2.0 different stations each week.

Second, and of particular importance to Augusta small business owners, radio listeners are returning to 'normal' at a faster rate than the general population after more than two years of pandemic.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, Nielsen has been measuring consumer sentiment in regard to normal behaviors. In a survey conducted in March of this year, 83% of adults say they are "ready to go and feel life is becoming more normal". This is up dramatically from the same time last year.Advertise In Augusta: Consumer Sentimen Nielsen 2022t

The Nielsen research also shows a sharp increase in 'normal' weekly consumer activities now versus the peak of the pandemic.

Augusta Radio Listeners Lead The Return To NormalFor local small business owners interested in marketing their goods and services as consumer activity returns to 'normal', the Nielsen survey indicates that advertising on Augusta radio may be the best choice.New call-to-action

Among the normal weekly activities mentioned above, radio listeners are significantly more likely to be participating than the general population.

Advertise In Augusta Consumers Return To Normal

The normalization of retail activities is expected to propel local spending to record levels this year.

Advertise In Augusta Consumers Get Back to NormalAugusta area consumers are expected to spend close to $8.9 billion at retail in 2022, based on per capita spending estimates from the National Retail Federation (NRF). This would be an eight percent increase versus 2021.

To capture a meaningful share of these expanding retail dollars, Augusta businesses need to consider advertising.

Over the past 92 years, Augusta business owners have come to depend on the mammoth reach of radio among local shoppers to successfully market the goods and services they sell. Advertising on Augusta radio has helped local companies to survive and thrive during world wars, natural disasters, recessions, depressions, inflation, and pandemics.

The current research discussed here indicates that advertising on Augusta radio is still the best marketing option for local business owners.

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