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Political Advertising On Augusta Radio Sways Voters

Jul 8, 2020 8:28:30 AM / by Larry Julius

There are more than 385,000 registered voters in the Central Savannah River Area. Here is the number by county:

  • Columbia, GA: 103,404
  • McDuffie, GA: 14,856
  • Richmond, GA: 133,772
  • Aiken, SC: 116,519
  • Edgefield, SC: 17,319

According to Nielsen, Augusta radio reaches significantly more of these registered voters than all other media, including local television pay-TV, newspaper, social media platforms, and streaming audio sites like Pandora or Spotify.

To be elected, however, requires candidates for every office to share their message with those who are not only registered but who are likely to vote.  Advertising on Augusta radio will reach, by far, the most voters who can be counted on to show up on election day.

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